Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why Are Republicans In This Mess On Healthcare And Transgenders In Military

The GOP and The Donald used the repeal of Obamacare to win elections.  It excited their stupid base. (Here also)Now they have to produce a replacement and they have no idea about how to get it done. The Donald just banned transgenders from military service.  It excited his base.  It may have been brilliant.  It puts Democrats in the position of defending transgenders in the Rust Belt states.  The Donald and the GOP like being on that side of the culture war.  The Republican Part and The Donald are only focused on winning elections. After all Trump's base believes his lies. A majority of his base believes that he won the popular vote in the election.  They may destroy their party in the process.  There is no easy way for Republicans to pass a healthcare bill that won't get them in trouble.  They have put millions of voters and the healthcare industry at risk.  All because it was a way to hurt Democrats in elections be selling lies to low information voters. 

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