Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump Vows to Make Youngstown. Ohio Great Again

The Donald is not having much fun in Washington.  He decided to give one of his campaign speeches to 7,000 supporters in Youngstown, Ohio.  He told them that he would bring back their lost jobs in the steel factories that have been shut down.  He would also build the wall that he promised to keep Mexicans out of our country.  He also told them the Senate was going to repeal Obamacare like he promised.  He told them that he came to Youngstown to let them know how well he was doing because the "fake news media" refuse to tell them about the progress that he has made in "Making Youngstown Great Again".

His performance in Ohio is sad commentary on his presidency and on his adoring supporters.  He will not bring back their lost jobs in the steel industry and they probably don't care about the wall that he promised to build.  They probably know that their jobs are not coming back.  They also don't know the details of the healthcare bill that Republicans want to pass, but he has convinced his supporters that he is their only hope.  Sadly, they are also The Donald's only hope.  He needs their adoration to pump up his boundless ego which has been deflated by his performance in Washington.  He also needs their support so that he can use them as a weapon against Republican's who have lost faith in his leadership.

I had to think twice about positing this article.  Most of us already understand why The Donald is unfit for the office that he holds.  Its hard to add anything new to this story.  On the other hand, we have to keep on telling the story to overcome the depression than many of us feel.

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