Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Donald Steps Up Attack On Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions was the first Republican senator to support The Donald during his campaign.  He was rewarded with a cabinet position.  Now The Donald is publically attacking him by using the same kind of lies that he uses to attack Democrats and other opponents. Apparently, The Donald believes that Sessions should he should be investigating Hillary Clinton who has provided no justification for an investigation.  The Donald demands loyalty but he does not give it back.  Jeff Sessions is doing the job that conservatives want an Attorney General to do.  That does not matter to The Donald. He wants Jeff Sessions out of the way so that he can appoint an Attorney General who will help him to defuse the investigations that are underway.  Apparently, The Donald has things to hide that might be uncovered in the investigations.  Of course, he should have nothing to fear from the investigations because he claims that they are phony, but that is another story.  He has a lot to worry about and he knows it.

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