Friday, July 28, 2017

Inside The Donald's White House

The pot keeps stirring in a White House led by an amateur who behaves like he was still running his own small business.  If he were an apprentice on his reality TV show, he  would have been fired long ago.  He found a soulmate in his latest hire with whom he shares a NYC frame of mind.  Apparently, he encourages chaos and competition between his senior staff.  If some foreign power intended to undermine our nation by helping to put The Donald in the White House, it  was very successful.  The Senate just voted down the Obamacare repeal bill and Congress passed a bill which limits The Donald's control over foreign policy. His Secretary of State is on vacation and is considering whether he should stay on the job. The Donald keeps running his campaign against Clinton because he has no idea about how to behave as our president.  He continues to get advice from his favorite TV news team which is in the business of misinforming Trump's base and discrediting the mainstream media.

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