Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Donald Trump Senior Made Up Russian Meeting Story For Junior Trump

Donald Trump learned about the leaked meeting between his son, his campaign manager and his son-in-law while he was returning from Europe on Air Force One.  He proceeded to make up the story about the content of the meeting that was given to Junior.  His son used his father's description of the meeting in response to requests from reporters.  He told reporters that the meeting was about the adoption of Russian children by US citizens.  That was the same story that The Donald used when he was asked about his meeting with Putin in Europe.  He told reporters that it was a coincident that both Putin,, and the Russian lawyer that met with Junior, were so interested in the adoption issue.  It is not a coincidence when the same person makes up both stories.  The Donald chuckled about the "coincidence" when he offered the story to reporters upon his return to the US during a taped interview.  He also told the reporters that he had advised his son to be transparent and that he was proud of his son's transparent and honest response to reporters.  It turns out that The Donald was advised to be transparent by his team during discussions on Air Force One.  He dismissed that advice, but he thought it might be a good way to describe his son's response to reporters.  Its always a good thing to claim transparency about lies.

One of The Donald's lawyers appeared on the Sunday TV news shows and claimed that The Donald was not involved in creating the statement used by his son.  He was either uniformed about his clients participation in drafting his son's statement or he lied about it.

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