Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Emmanuel Macron Is About As Popular As Trump After Winning French Election

Most observers of the French election were pleased that Macron defeated Le Pen in his battle for the presidency.  He was not well known, but Le Pen, and her version of right wing populism,  was a real concern for many Europeans and Americans.  Macron won 65% of the presidential vote.  That was much better than Donald Trump did in the US election;  Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by several million.  Macron and Trump have not fared well since the elections.  Recent polls show that that their popularity has dropped since being elected to around 36%.  Most Americans understand why Trump's apprenticeship as president has eroded his popularity.  Macron, who is the youngest president in French history, has not performed well in his apprenticeship.  He may have won the election as a vote against Le Pen, but he has made several mistakes that have not been well received during his first view months in office.  He made a mistake by offering his wife a position in government that was similar to a mistake made by his predecessor.  He also decided to cut the military budget which led to the resignation of France's top military officer.  He has also attacked the French labor code which is being vigorously defended by union leaders.  He may have over played the hand that was dealt to him with his popular vote in the election.  Trump continues to attack Hillary Clinton,  Obama,  the Republican Congress and the media to maintain the support of his base.  He has not done anything positive for his populist base.  He would lose many more of them if they understood his budget and his tax policies which favor his wealthy supporters.  Macron does not have the luxury of attacking Le Pen as he pushes his neoliberal agenda during his first months in office.   

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