Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Rex Tillerson May Be In The Wrong Job

Rex Tillerson,  praised Trump's strong comments about his ability to use our nuclear force to wipe out North Korea.  He claims that this is just the kind of message that might alter their behavior.  Of course, it is not the kind of message that a Secretary of State would usually use to support diplomatic negotiations that are underway.  North Korea's leadership is building its military capability because it is aware of America's military, power and it believes that America will use its military power in pursuit of regime change in North Korea.  Trump's comments did little to reduce the leadership's concerns about regime change.  Trump's strong words about his ability to use extraordinary force against North Korea was intended for another audience.  He has consistently attempted to boost his image as powerful leader to his political base.  This is just another example of Trump being on the political campaign trail.  In any case, it will not make Tillerson more welcome in negotiations that have been underway with North Korea.  They have even more reason to be concerned about the US commitment to regime change in North Korea,  and Tillerson seemed to believe that diplomacy has not been working and that it may not work.  That leaves us at ground zero.  North Korea will only respond to a military threat that has encouraged North Korea to develop a similar military threat,

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