Monday, August 21, 2017

The Elites Strike Back At Trump's Phony Populism

Trump ran his campaign as a populist who promised a war against the elite establishment.  He has not none anything beyond running more campaign rallies for his base and he has angered the elite establishment whose respect he really desires.  Some of their responses to his performance are in this article.  A deluge of magazines and newspapers from around the globe are running humiliating covers and stories that are the last thing that he expected when he won the election.  It is ruining his brand as well as his ability to maintain the fiction of his presidency.  He failed his audition as a president miserably.  Unfortunately, our government was set up to give a lot of power to the president and it is more difficult to get rid of a failed president than in the parliamentary systems in most European nations.  Perhaps it was critical for our founders to establish a strong national government with a powerful president when the Constitution was written.  In any case, we are stuck with a pretender for the time being.

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