Friday, August 18, 2017

CEO Of 21st Century Fox Criticizes Trump On Charlotteville Statements

The CEO of the corporation that owns Fox News criticized Trump's positions on white supremacy and neo-Nazi's.  He donated $1 million to the Anti Defamation League and asked his friends to also make donations to ADL.  That may relieve him of some form of guilt, but it is small change for James Murdoch.  He could do much more for our nation by changing the mission of Fox News which defends almost everything Trump says or does.  He won't do that because it would not be a good business decision.   Fox News targeted the market segment that supports politicians like Trump when it was established by James Murdoch's father who knew what he was doing.  Fox News contributes millions in profits to the parent company managed by James Murdoch.  He father responded to critics of Fox News by referring to its success as a business.  He simply targeted a market segment that was largely ignored by the major news networks.  Fox News has been marketed as the alternative to the mainstream media which it denounces for having a "liberal bias".  Trump has taken Murdoch's marketing segmentation a step further.  The so called "liberal bias" has now become "fake news". 

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