Friday, August 18, 2017

Was Russian Intervention In US Election Good For Russia?

This article argues that covert intelligence operations suffer "blowback" if they are discovered.  US intelligence agencies have uncovered enough information to determine that Russian agents had been involved in covert activities during the 2016 election.  It also lists many of the responses in the US and in Europe that are part of the blowback.  However, it remains to be seen whether the covert operation was good or bad for Russia.  They helped to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House and they got the guy they wanted in the White House.  They may have wanted Trump to be in position to end sanctions that have been harmful to Russian economy.  That will not happen.  Trump has given them some things, however, that they may not have anticipated.  He has inspired hate groups in the US that had been dormant for many years.  We will be forced to deal with the resulting divisions in our society for years to come.  Trump's performance has also disrupted the normal operation of the federal government.  Trump has lost the confidence of many Americans whose support he will need to make important decisions that might arise in the future.  He is no longer trustworthy.  It is also apparent that the relationship between Trump and members of Congress has been seriously impaired.  He is not trusted by many Republicans as well as almost all of the Democrats in Congress.  Congress has important duties to perform that normally require a respected president in the White House.  Trump is no longer an effective president who is able to work with Congress.  If Russia's primary goal was to disrupt the US government and the operation of our democratic system they can declare victory.

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