Tuesday, August 29, 2017

David Brooks Is Not Happy About The Division Within The GOP

David Brooks knows the Republican Party very well.  He describes how Donald Trump has divided the party and he describes the likely consequences.  The party is divided between Republicans whose loyalty to the party is based upon white identity and more traditional conservatives.  He argues that many of his friends are traditional conservatives who do not want to belong to a party with a large base of white identity members.  Friendships have been destroyed between members who are on opposite sides of that division.  Brooks also argues that Donald Trump will continue to do what he does well.  He will stoke the flames of white identity that connects that base to him personally.  That will encourage traditional conservatives to look for a new home.  It will not be good for our nation either.  Trump will encourage his base to be more aggressive and that will enrage others to respond with aggression.  We are only witnessing the beginning of this process of division within the GOP and our nation.   We are even seeing that division within Trump's cabinet and in Congress.  We can live with a divided Republican Party.  It will be more difficult to govern a more divided nation.  Hopefully,  enough Republicans in Congress will be encouraged to get rid of the maestro who is fanning the flames that divide the party and our nation.  If they continue to support Trump the party will continue to unravel  and Trump's authority will grow rapidly enough to make Congress less relevant versus a more powerful president.

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