Monday, August 28, 2017

What Is The Democratic Economic Message For Trump Voters?

Steve Bannon said that Trump won the election because he made a promise to address the economic concerns of many Americans.  He claimed that Democrats will continue to lose elections if they stick to identity politics as Hillary Clinton did in the last election.  Like most of my friends, I support Clinton's message of inclusiveness.  However, despite a 4.3% unemployment rate, many American's are having difficulty paying their bills, which include lots of interest payments to their creditors, and they are uncertain about their economic future.  FDR provided the economic message that Americans wanted to hear during the Great Depression.  I agree with this article.  The Democratic economic message is hard to discern.  It can't be series of policy statements either.  It has to have broader message which provides a framework for the policy proposals.  Clinton offered a number of policy proposals but they fell on deaf ears. 

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