Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump Regretfully Signs Congressional Bill That Punishes Russia

Congress sent a bill to Trump that limits his authority to conduct foreign relations with Russia.  A large majority in the House and the Senate voted for the bill.  Congress has enough votes to overturn a  potential Trump veto.  The bill prevents Trump from preventing new sanctions or eliminating existing sanctions.  Trump is smart enough to realize that Congress has taken steps to limit his power to conduct foreign policy.  On the other hand, he incorrectly argues that our founders intended to give the president total power over the conduct of foreign policy.  The Constitution was designed to provide checks and balances that limit presidential power.  His Republican Congress just showed him how Congress can intervene in the conduct of foreign policy.  He is going to learn much more about our system of checks and balances during his presidency.  He is dependent upon the good will of Republicans in Congress.  He continues to erode the good will by demonstrating his inability to run the executive branch of government and by blaming Congress, among others, for his failures.

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