Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tom Friedman's Ariticle Should Be Required Reading For Trump

Donald Trump is our president and the commander in chief of our armed forces.  Tom Friedman is in the Mid-East and traveling with the US military command.  The military force that he describes is representative of America.  It is pluralistic.  Donald Trump has spent the last few days defending white supremacists who voted for him in the last election.  They look nothing like the soldiers under his command.  We have a pluralistic military and a pluralistic society.  Donald Trump seems to believe that he is the president of his political base.  He is not fit to be our president, or the commander in chief of our military.

Friedman also points out that many of the nations in the Mid-East are like the kind of America that he tends to promote.  They are not inclusive.  Muslims who belong to different segments of Islam are at war with each other.  We might be better off using the talent and financial resources expended in this futile effort on rebuilding our cities and providing more opportunities in our pluralistic society.

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