Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump's Divide And Conquer Strategy Begins Attack on Affirmative Action

The Trump administration has set up a group in the Justice Department to go after universities who use affirmative action in their admission policies.  It contributes to the anxieties of many white Americans who believe that minorities have a better chance of getting into colleges than they do.  White resentment helped Trump to win the election and Jeff Sessions shares many of their resentments.  They exploited Obamacare in a similar fashion.  Fox News and right wing media have been telling this story for a long time.  Minorities, who represent a large portion of Americans in low income brackets,  qualify for Medicaid and federal subsidies.  Many white Americans would rather deny access to healthcare for low income white Americans than contribute to programs that also benefit minorities.   In any case,  the Trump administration intends to use a variety of tactics that are described in this article that are based upon a divide and conquer strategy that seems to work for them.  The strategy not only helps them in elections, but it paves the way for tax cuts that go primarily to white Americans in the top income brackets.  They pay for the tax cuts by cutting federal spending on social welfare programs.  Poor white Americans help to pay for the tax cuts by voting against their economic interests,

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