Thursday, August 17, 2017

"That's What Friends Are For" Fox News Attempts To Resue Trump

All of the major TV networks provide "fake news" along with the major newspapers in the US.  There is only one cable news show that tells the truth.  One of Donald Trump's great achievements is that he has persuaded many of his supporters that Fox News tells the truth, and that the rest of media (with the exception of talk radio) tell lies about His Majesty.  In case you are interested in "truthful" news coverage you may want to read this article by a journalist who watched three hours of "Fox and Friends" as they attempted to clean up the mess he created by equated white nationalists and Nazi's with those who protested their march in Charlotteville.  Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Fox Network and other sources of "yellow journalism" in the UK and Australia,  has marketed Fox News as the alternative to the liberal mainstream media.  Donald Trump followed Murdoch's lead when he told his supporters that mainstream media are providers of "fake news".   Trump does not need a state network like those in autocratic states.  He uses Fox News and talk radio to spread his propaganda.

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