Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trump Forced To Disband His Business Council

Donald Trump sold himself to many Americans by claiming that his business experience enabled him to improve the business environment and stimulate the economy.  He created a business council of CEO's from several of America's leading corporations soon after winning the presidency.  Following his initial comments about the tragic events in Virginia, several CEO's resigned from the council.  He moderated his comments after that mistake, but his impromptu comments yesterday exacerbated his problems with corporate leaders.  After several additional CEO's resigned in protest over his remarks he concluded that it was best to disband the CEO council.  Corporate CEO's are not willing to equate white nationalists and neo-Nazi's with those who protested their torch lit march in Virginia as Trump had done.  Trump's business experience did not prepare him well for working with corporate CEO's who operate in more inclusive global market.  They don't rely on votes from the white nationalists and neo-Nazi's who were cheered by Trump's remarks.

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