Tuesday, August 8, 2017

US Government Report On Climate Change Is Frightening

Thirteen government agencies contributed to a report on climate change.  It concluded that many of the severe weather events across the globe in recent years are the result of carbon emissions produced by human activities.  It warned that unless something is done to reduce carbon emissions we will soon reach a point where catastrophic weather events are unavoidable.   The scientists who contributed to the report are concerned that the Trump administration will not release the report.  There is a link in this article to a draft of the report that was made available to the NYT.  Since it may not be released by the Trump administration, it is important to circulate the draft of the report made available by one of our legitimate sources of news.  Right wing media, which are intent upon keeping the public misinformed,  will continue to suppress, or distort scientific information about human contribution to climate change.  It will get much worse if we do nothing, but many extreme weather events today are due to rising carbon emissions.

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