Friday, August 11, 2017

The Art Of The Bluff Is Trump's Real Art Form

Trump claims that he has perfected the art of deal making.  In his business career he was better at bluffing than he was at deal making.  Trump operated his business using bluffing as a primary mode of operation.  This article describes his use of bluffing in his business career.  Trump's political career is also based more on bluffing than on deal making.  Trump is running the executive branch of our government exactly like he operated his small business. That is why he thanked Putin for sending hundreds of US diplomats back to the US.  He said that it cut his payroll.  He is now engaged in a bluff with another bluffer who runs North Korea.  The world is in peril because two major nations are led by individuals who have relied upon bluffing in their rise to power.  Hopefully, there are enough adults around both them to prevent one of the bluffers from calling the bluff of the other.  The primary purpose of their bluffing is political.  They bluff to inflate their image of power.  Their political bases welcome their show of power.  They want "real men" as their political leaders.

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