Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trump's Imitation Of A Football Coach Divides His Team And Our Nation

On Monday Donald Trump made a speech, which may have been designed to change the subject from his speech about events in Charlotteville, to announce that he was sending 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan.  He promised his fans that he would provide them with a victory.  His fans probably do not know that we had 100,000 more troops in Afghanistan, before they were withdrawn, and that was not enough to declare a victory over the Taliban.  His Secretary of State knows that the additional troops will not defeat the Taliban.  He said that they would prevent the Taliban from winning.  It was a warning to the Taliban that a victory was beyond their grasp.  Tillerson hopes to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table.  Trump's speech, as the head coach of the team, was inconsistent with the game plan announced by his Secretary of State who is only an assistant coach.  Trump knows that perfectly well.  However, he also understands that his fans want a victory and nothing less.  He promises his fans nothing less than winning, winning, winning even though it divides his team.  His fans have been living on promises of victory that have not been achieved, but Trump blames it on the media who don't tell them the truth, or he blames it on his assistant coaches who failed to deliver the promised victory.

Trump promised his fans that he would repeal Obamacare and give them the best healthcare plan that they could imagine.  He failed to repeal Obamacare, and his team did not deliver the great healthcare plan that he promised his fans.  He left that battle up to his assistant coaches in Congress.  He did not understand the healthcare plan that being negotiated, and his interference in the negotiations was harmful to the process.  This was another lost victory but it was not the head coach's fault.  He blamed the defeat on his assistant coaches in Congress.

When Trump gets tired of losing he decides to hold a pep rally for his patient fans.  Last night he held a pep rally in Phoenix.  He promised his fans that he would build the wall between the US and Mexico that he promised but has failed to deliver.  He also praised the divisive sheriff that broke many laws in the actions that he took against Hispanics.  He is a hero to Trump's fans in Phoenix. 
He blamed the "fake media" for his defeats.  Apparently, he is winning but the media are not reporting the correct score.  Trump will build the wall, especially not a wall that Mexico will pay for as he promised.  He also may use his authority as the head coach to pardon the sheriff who is scheduled to go to jail.  That promise gave his fans something to cheer about.  It was also a promise that the Mayor of Phoenix asked him to not to make because it would be divisive.  Fights between Trump's fans and their opponents followed predictably after the pep rally.

Trump was not satisfied with sparking a battle between residents of Arizona.  He also used the occasion to attack two Republican senators from Arizona who have been critical of him.  They are members of the Republican team but they have not given the head coach the support and worship that he craves.  Apparently, the head coach believes that he can force key members of his team to play the game according to his game plan.  He apparently, does not appreciate the need to have a united team behind him.  The head coach can win without his team.

Trump's contract as America's head coach provides him with protections that are not available to losing football coaches.  They are also unavailable to military leaders.

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