Sunday, August 6, 2017

One Week Of Trump News Inspires Hope For Adult Republicans

Harper's Weekly published one week of Trump antics that were published by the "fake media" last week.  If Trump is good at one thing, this is it.  He controls the news cycle.  Almost everything he does or tweets is newsworthy because they are things that a normal person, especially the POTUS, would not have done or said.  He is even good for the "real media" like Fox News.  He provides them with countless opportunities to explain away his unpresidential behavior and criticize the "fake news" provided by the media who do not live in a world of alternative facts.  Trump is so good at being unpresidential that he has started a stampede by prominent Republicans who don't expect him to be an opponent in the 2020 presidential election.  It usually takes longer than six months for that to happen.  Trump broke another record.   William Kristol, the editor at large for The Weekly Standard, wants to prevent Trump's renomination in order to "liberate the Republican Party from Trump" and also to liberate conservatism from Trumpism.  Traditional Republicans don't want Trump, and neither do traditional conservatives.  The only problem that traditional Republicans and conservatives face is that Trump has captured a substantial segment of their base.  They can't win elections without them.

The disarray created by Trump's takeover of the Republican Party may create an opportunity for Democrats in 2018 and in 2020.  They won't be able to sell liberalism to Trump conservatives, but they may have an opportunity to attract disaffected Republicans by offering them a return to sanity.

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