Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Conservative's Response To Day One At Democratic Convention

Day one in Charlotte was all about Obama, and that suggests that the Democratic Party has no future.  The GOP convention was not all about Romney.  It featured rising stars like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.  They are the future of the GOP.  The Democratic Party does not have rising stars to showcase.  It is stuck with Obama.  Moreover, the Democratic Party's success has been dependent upon providing government programs that are no longer affordable.  America can no longer afford the programs that have enabled it win elections in the past.

I guess Republican's who appeal to the Tea Party crowd in the GOP are the future of the party, and the future of America.  It might also be true that it will marginalize the GOP and its "rising stars" who seem to be dependent upon misinforming the public. There will always be a segment of the electorate that believes in the lies that it wants to be told.  Hopefully, they will remain a minority.

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