Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama Offers Her Version Of The American Dream

This article is among many of the responses to the first lady's speech at the Democratic convention. Democrats loved it, and it will be difficult for most Republicans to really hate it.  She articulated her version of the American dream by the paths taken by she and her husband. They both came  from families with limited means, who encouraged, and supported them to do what was necessary to move up the socioeconomic ladder.  Moreover, they have not forgotten those who have been left behind.  It is incumbent upon those who succeed to support the efforts of others to realize their potential.

Mitt Romney has also achieved his dream.  It is also the dream of many American's who would like to achieve great wealth.  The question might be raised in the minds of many Americans, however, is whether Mitt Romney will have the same commitment to providing opportunities for others to realize their potential.  His efforts to avoid taxes, by taking advantage of every loophole available to him, suggests that he is less willing to pay for the programs that make it possible for the less fortunate to succeed.  Some might view him as one who has become successful and has closed the door behind him.

The article has a link to Michelle Obama's speech.  She has done her best to articulate her version of the American dream and that of her husband.  The public will have to decide which hope and dream they want to support.

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