Monday, September 3, 2012

Maureen Dowd Sums Up The GOP Masquerade Party

I have posted lots of articles about the distortion of reality at the GOP nomination party.  Sometimes its better to have a writer with imagination do it for us.  Few do it as well as Maureen Dowd.  She goes right to the essence of the personalities and the party that was in charge of the masquerade.  The head of engineering  for a major computer company was once asked to define marketing.  He said that marketing is what companies do when they don't have a product.  That explains the masquerade party as well as anything else that I have heard.  The GOP does have a product but it is toxic for the majority of American's.  Hopefully, masquerades will not become the norm for American politics. If political parties with toxic products can put a mask on them, and sell them to a carnival loving public, marketing will have replaced democracy in America.

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