Thursday, September 27, 2012

Romney Reverses Course By Claiming Credit For Romneycare In Massachusetts

Romney joined in with the GOP criticism of "Obamacare", which was modeled after "Romneycare".  It was the only way that he could win the GOP nomination.  In an interview with NBC he referred to his passage of Romneycare in Massachusetts as evidence of his empathy and concern for the 47% that depend upon government programs.  That won't help him with the GOP base, but they are not going to vote for Obama.  He has decided to remodel himself again to attract independents who were repelled by his comments about moochers who depend upon government.

Its probably too late for Romney to undergo another personality change.  He has fallen so far behind in the polls that even conservative pundits are being critical of his campaign.  We will see more criticism of his campaign from conservatives as the election nears.  They want to blame the loss of the election on Romney's campaign, rather than his advocacy of policies that they support.  Cutting taxes and government spending, along with deregulation and privatization are what conservatism is all about.  Conservatives do not want a lost election to reflect upon their policies.  It is essential to blame the messenger who did a poor job of selling them to the public.

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