Friday, September 21, 2012

Who Are The Non-Mioochers To The GOP Elite?

Mitt Romney told an audience of the party faithful that 47% of Americans receive some kind of government benefit.  They are the "moochers" who vote for Democrats. This brought cheers from his audience of non-moochers.  Mitt Romney, and the House Majority Leader seem to believe that only "job creators" and investors,  a grouping that does not include Democrats in their way of thinking,  are the real heroes in America that we should worship.  Romney, read his audience well when he made his plea for contributions to his campaign.  Unfortunately, there are many Republican voters who qualify as moochers in Romney's speech.  Most are collecting Social Security after working for their entire lives, while paying into the Social Security insurance system.  They may not like being called moochers.  Some of them may even get the idea that the Republican Party does not really represent their interests.  That would be a disaster for Romney and the GOP.  The post that follows ridicules some the disaster control that is flowing from the GOP propaganda machine.  They are doing what they can to discredit the messenger.  Don't pay attention to what Romney said because you would not have seen the video if it had not been released by the liberal media.  That may not work for the many of moochers who have been duped by the GOP and Fox News.  Some of them may believe their eyes.

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