Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Plays Well In South Carolina But Falls Flat In The Rest Of The Country

Tom Friedman describes Mitt Romney's attack on Obama's foreign policy. His basic theme is that he is tougher than Obama and those wimpy Democrats.  Its a theme that has always played well for the GOP in the red states.  Friedman argues that it reflects a vision of a world that no longer exists.  We live in an increasingly interdependent world in which the misuse of American military power can do more harm than it can do good. Apparently, Romney does not appreciate the changes that have occurred in the real world.  He has wasted too much of his energy trying to win votes, that he has already won, from those who overdose on testosterone.  Tom Friedman describes the interdependent world that requires a more nuanced version of foreign policy.

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