Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney's Plan For The Economy Is Vague For A Good Reason

GOP pundits like David Brooks (posted below) tell us that Mitt Romney has gotten in trouble by saying foolish things that he does not really believe.  They want him to sell his economic plan for the economy.  That, however, is his real problem.  His five point plan is really written in code.  His base is able to break the code, but it remains unclear to the rest of the public, and to many in the media.  Consequently, it is not a winning story.  This article, decodes Romney's plan, and it explains why it is written in code.  If Romney was more explicit about his plan it would cost him the election.  David Brooks might vote for him, along with other conservatives who know what he really intends, but there are not enough of them to win a general election.

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