Tuesday, September 18, 2012

David Brooks Likes Romney's Policies But Tells Him To Run A Better Campaign

As usual the last paragraph in a David Brooks op-ed tells the real story.  He is highly critical of Romney's blunders.  In this case, he criticizes him for the things that he said in the video that was just released.  He told an audience of rich donors that his election would be difficult because 47% of American's don't pay income taxes.  Consequently, they are unresponsive to the GOP's basic strategy of winning elections by promising tax cuts.  They will vote Democratic because they are moochers who depend upon government handouts.  Therefore, only 5-10% of the electorate, that is not Republican is in play. 

Brooks explains that this is the kind of thing that one might say to millionaires but it is not an accurate description of those who benefit from government, and it is not a good way to win an election.  He concluded by telling us the Romney is really a good guy who makes campaign mistakes.  He wants him to run a better campaign so that he can implement the changes to the US entitlement system that he proposes.  He is not really as foolish as he appears when he speaks.

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