Friday, September 21, 2012

Another View Of Mitt Romney's Gaffes

This article (via Manan Shukla) comes from a foreign policy analyst who can't understand why Mitt Romney continues to get himself into trouble by displaying his ignorance of the issues.  He argues that Mitt Romney has spent the last five years running for the presidency, and that he should have spent more of that time preparing himself to be the kind of statesperson that we expect to see in a presidential candidate.  He hopes that the loss of the election may encourage the GOP to shed itself from the dominance of the Tea Party so that he can vote for Republicans again. 

My view is that Mitt Romney spent the last few years trying to turn himself into a candidate that could win the GOP nomination.  His economic policies are no different from those that have been dominant in the party since Reagan.  Elections are won by selling tax cuts and deregulation to the electorate.  The rest of the menu is a mixture of conservative social issues, and the demonization of liberals.  They have a propaganda machine at their disposal that is comfortable with the current system.  Unfortunately, Romney was the best candidate that was available to the party.  The other candidates were even worse than Romney.  He was their best hope in a general election.  Unfortunately, for Romney and the GOP,  he has not made the transition from the Tea Party persona that he adopted.  He won the governorship of Massachusetts, but he is running well behind Obama in the polls despite the poor economy.  Scott Brown, who filled the Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy, has been struggling to disassociate himself from Romney.  Voters in Massachusetts don't recognize the new Romney. 

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