Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Nation In Love With Weapons Can't Control Them

The mother who was killed by her son, who then went to school and slaughtered 20 children and 7 adults with an assault rifle, was a gun lover. Too many American's are fascinated by the power of guns, and many of our TV shows titillate their fantasies about guns as a source of power.  The deranged person who killed his mother and 27 innocent people was dressed up like a member of SWAT team when he committed his senseless act of fury. Every time something like this happens in America, articles like this are published which argue for controlling the possession on assault weapons and handguns. Fox News suggested that this was not a good time to have a discussion about the control of weapons, and its audience agrees with them.  Freedom in America means that government should not interfere with the ability of sick individuals to act out their fantasies.  We are told that access to guns is not the problem, people are the problem. We are not told that easy access to guns by sick people is part of the problem.  Politicians are afraid to limit access to guns because they will be attacked by the gun lobby, and many American's whose fascination with guns, as a source of power, won't vote for them.  The politicians will protect their freedom, and they will do nothing about video games and TV shows that enable the powerless to engage their fantasies about guns as a source of power. They find it easier to tell young people not to engage in sex until marriage, than to it to limit the freedom of any American to possess powerful weapons.  

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