Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meet A Tea Party Representative From Kansas

This is a video of a TV interview of a congressman from Kansas who is interviewed by a former conservative congressman, who is now a TV personality.  The congressman is concerned that we are politicizing the massacre in Connecticut, when we should be mourning for those who were murdered.  That is just what Fox News told its audience.  It would be wrong for government to take advantage of that sad event in order to do something to prevent a similar event in the future. It would be a threat to our freedom. The congressman also explained why he, and other Tea Party members of Congress, did not support the plan offered by his party's House Majority Leader to strike a deal with President Obama.  He and his colleagues will not support any plan that raises taxes.  They firmly believe that taxes are too high today, and that is the reason for high unemployment. Moreover, our budget deficits are the result of overspending on entitlements.  We should balance the budget entirely by cutting entitlement spending.  I have heard all of this before, but I had never seen a true believer under a TV microscope before.  He is totally unshakable in his belief system.  There is nothing that anyone could do to dissuade him from his beliefs with disconfirming data.  I'm also pretty sure that the folks who voted for him in Kansas think just like he does. It does not matter to him at all that a deal cannot be made without a compromise with those who believe otherwise.  He does not even want to compromise with the leadership of his party.  They are also the enemy.  I think I understand now why the Koch Brothers have located their headquarters in Kansas.

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