Saturday, December 22, 2012

President Obama's Politics Are Like Those Of Liberal Republicans In the 1980's

Bill Clinton shifted the Democratic Party to the center right in the 1990's.  Barrack Obama's politics are very similar to those of Bill Clinton.  The battles that we see in Washington today are like those between moderate Republicans in the 1980's and conservatives in the GOP.  There are no moderates in GOP any longer, and there are few liberals left in the Democratic Party.  This article explains how politics in the US has become a battle between the far right and the center right.  The political spectrum has shifted primarily because of internal changes in the US, and the collapse of socialism in Europe.  The Democratic party has worked hard to occupy the center, but the GOP has moved so far to the right that it regards centrist policies as socialism. Social Security, and other other entitlement programs have always been targets for the right wing.  Today they are targets for the entire Republican Party.  Liberal Democrats are having difficulty with the president's willingness to compromise with conservatives on entitlement spending, and on tax policy, but conservatives are not interested in compromises.  They still can't believe that they lost an election to someone who does not share their ideology.

This article was written by a Republican who served in the Reagan administration.

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