Saturday, December 1, 2012

The GOP's Position On Many Issues Creates Problems For The Media

Most in the media make an effort to be objective.  They dutifully report what politicians tell them about important issues.  The causes some in the media to scratch their heads when they report what they hear from GOP politicians.  This post describes several of the inconsistencies on positions that they receive from GOP politicians.  In order to be objective, they are forced to wipe out their memories of what they were previously told.  I will just provide a couple of these inconsistencies.

The GOP was opposed to fiscal stimulus during the Obama administration.  Keynesian policies were forsaken, and it was bad form to even mention his name.  On the other hand, they supported the Bush tax cuts because we needed a stimulus during because of the recession in his first term.  That helped to create a trillion dollar deficit which they ignored.  Now they are concerned again about budget deficits, and they want to cut Medicare costs.  Reporters have to ignore the fact that they just ran a presidential campaign in which they criticized Obama for making cuts in Medicare.  They are also worried about fixing their fiscal cliff.  They claim that cuts to government spending, that will occur unless we take actions, will lead to recession.  They have decided to become Keynesian's again.

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