Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Firearm Manufacturers Partner With Video Game Firms

Video games often feature real weapons available on the market.  Some of the games have links to the weapons manufacturers.  Several of the games provide virtual target practice using assault weapons.  The US military has also recruited active gamers.  Since the number of mass murders using firearms is not very large, it would be difficult to establish a causal link between video games and mass murders.  There are obviously a vast number of gamers who do not commit crimes.  On the other hand, the Columbine murderers were active gamers, and the mass murderer in Norway used video games to hone his skills with firearms.  There is a powerful link between violent video games and the sale of firearms.  Video games contribute to a culture of violence and familiarity with dangerous weapons.  There is a reason why the military recruits gamers, and why firearm firms use them in their marketing. 

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