Saturday, December 29, 2012

Consider Your Mancard Reissued. Buy An Assualt Weapon

This op-ed shows that the firearms industry understands the motivations of many who purchase assault weapons.  It describes some of the ads, and images, on the web pages and catalogs of the manufacturers.  Bushmaster shows troops in full combat gear armed with an assault weapon.  Bushmaster deleted the ad on their web page which told purchasers that buying an assault weapon "reissued their mancard" after the Newtown massacre.  Apparently, they saw the connection between the fantasies to which they appeal and the Newtown assailant.  People who believe that their manhood has been threatened are dangerous. Most do not commit murder to reissue their manhood. but 100,000 murders are committed annually in the US.  Many of  them are by men who asserted their manhood.

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