Monday, December 3, 2012

Robert Samuelson Offers His False View Of The Fiscal Cliff Battle

Robert Samuelson tells us that the GOP and agreed to put tax policy on the table.  He argues that it is the Democrats turn to concede on Social Security reform.  The GOP has not given ground on tax policy.  Samuelson should read the newspaper that publishes his periodic tirades against Social Security.  The GOP has proposed Romney's tax policies which broaden the tax base by eliminating unspecified deductions and exemptions.  Romney lost the election.  Obama won the election and he wants to let the Bush tax cuts for the super-rich expire.  They do not support his policy.  There has been no movement between the two parties on tax policy.  Moreover, the administration understands that rising healthcare costs are the major budget problem that we face.  It has passed a bill to deal with that problem, and it would do more if the GOP would cooperate.  The GOP has no plan that deals with healthcare price inflation.  All of their proposals on healthcare shift the price inflation burden from government to beneficiaries.

Its no wonder that our politics are a mess.  Even out better newspapers provide platforms for journalists that misinform the public on our most important issues. We give equal time to those who tell us that the world is flat.

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