Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jim DeMint Resigns From Senate To Lead Heritage Foundation

Jim DeMint, is a conservative senator from South Carolina who has been one of the leaders of the Tea Party movement.  He resigned from the Senate to become the CEO of the Heritage Foundation.  He will have a staff of 275 and a budget of $82.4.  The Heritage Foundation has a mission of developing conservative ideas and selling them to Congress and to the public.  DeMint should be effective in developing relationships between Heritage and Congress.  Rush Limbaugh is also a member of the Heritage Foundation.  He has been effective in communicating Heritage sponsored ideas to the public. 

Donations to the Heritage Foundation are tax deductible.  It is classified as an educational institution, even though its mission is to promote a specific ideology, which primarily serves one of our political parties. There are several conservative "think tanks" which have a similar mission.  The Heritage Foundation is one of the leaders in this group of conservative think tanks that are funded by charitable donations that can be deducted from the income tax.

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