Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Did Cancer Treatment Centers Of America CEO Give $12 Million To Freedom Works?

Richard Stephenson is the founder and CEO of CTCA which is a for-profit organization that targets people with late stage cancer.  Stephenson contributed $12 million to Freedom Works which provides funding for the Tea Party.  He did this through an anonymous third party organization.  I was puzzled by the relationship between CTCA and Freedom Works until I learned that Medicare does not pay for CTCA services to its patients.  Although Stephenson has been active in right wing organizations along with the Koch Brothers, he may also have a financial interest in blocking the expansion of Obamacare.  Private insurers are the source of funding CTCA patients.

The comments following this post about CTCA are also revealing.  It targets desperate cancer patients with sleazy ads which suggests that they can provide treatments and patient care which are not available in hospitals.  CTCA is the sub prime lender of the hospital industry.

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