Tuesday, October 13, 2015

David Brooks Tells Us That The GOP Is Incmpetent And No Longer Conservative

David Brooks has been one of the most respected Republican pundits during his long career.  In this op-ed he argues that his favorite political party is not fit to govern.  The Republican Party has become a radical party that is leading a revolution.  Conservatives respect the past and they believe in the kind of incremental change that is consistent with the democratic tradition. This Republican Party is not interested in governing.  Some of their leaders would prefer to eliminate government instead of participating in its management.  They are not only radical; they are not fit to lead.

This was not an easy op-ed for Brooks to write.  Mr. Republican can no longer defend the incompetence that is visible to all but the crazies who only respond to craziness from their leaders.  It wasn't too long ago that John Birch Society tried to take over the GOP.  They were doing fine until they claimed that the Republican President, who led the US Army during WW ll was a Communist.  The Koch brothers, who have funded and organized the take over of the GOP, have been more successful than their father who was a prominent leader of the John Birch Society.

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