Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why Ben Bernanke Is No Longer A Republican

Ben Bernanke was a life long Republican.  In this interview he offers an explanation for leaving the GOP.  Many of my Republican friends no longer recognize the Party to which they belonged for most of their adult life.  They are particularly embarrassed by the candidates running for the GOP presidential nomination.  Bernanke's explanation for leaving the GOP is more reasoned.  It was based upon his experience running the Federal Reserve.  Republican politicians did everything they could to undermine the economy that the Fed was trying to rescue.  He speaks like an economist when he discusses the economy.  He refers to whats left of his political party as the party of no nothings. Every nation has large numbers of people who are full of wild and crazy ideas about how the economy works.  The Republican Party has become dependent upon harvesting them for political purposes.

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