Friday, October 9, 2015

Why The House Of Representatives Can't Govern

Stan Collender argues that there are actually three Republican Parties in the US House.  The Freedom Party is the new Tea Party.  It has about 50 members and there are about 50 GOP members who Collender refers to as the Scared Party.  They are from districts that only elect GOP reps.  The Freedom Party keeps them in line by threatening them with a primary if they don't vote the right way.  There are about 150 members from the establishment group that Boehner once led.  He resigned because he was unable to control the Freedom Party members and the Scared Party members who they intimidate.  It might be possible to get something done by working with Democratic members,   but that would be too much like a parliamentary system.  If we had a parliamentary system the House leader, who is like a Prime Minister, would have to call for new election.  Instead we just have a House that is ungovernable.

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