Thursday, October 29, 2015

What Do Exxon And Tobbaco Companies Have In Common?

The US tobacco industry hid their own evidence about the deadly relationship between smoking and cancer (among other deadly diseases).  They continued to fight the mounting evidence about the impact of smoking on public health and they questioned the motivation of scientists who attempted to inform the public about the dangers from smoking as long as they could.  It turns out the EXXON has been doing the same thing for 40 years.  They hid evidence from their own research department about the impact of carbon emissions on climate change, and they have funded the climate change denial industry for 40 years.  They have been getting a lot of help from Congress in the process.  The Republican representative from Texas, who heads the House Science Committee, has been doing what he can to intimidate climate researchers who publish research that he does no like.  The GOP controlled House has granted him the right to demand all of the supporting data in the government's files on his own authority.  His behavior is consistent with one of the major platforms the Republican Party.  All of the GOP candidates for the presidential nomination are global warming deniers.  It would be death for any of them to admit they have been lying about global warming for decades.  It would be equivalent to telling their true believers that God was dead.

The GOP base does not have much faith in science when it provides data that counters its belief system.  They will probably find a way to find fault with visual evidence that shows how global warming is causing the ice to melt in Greenland.  They will blame on the liberal bias in the media.

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