Monday, October 5, 2015

Old Energy Versus New Energy In US

The cost and effectiveness of solar and wind energy has been getting better but the supporters of old energies like oil and coal have purchased the services of the Republican Party to limit the use of new energy.  Almost all of the political contributions from old energy firms have gone to the GOP.  They have also advanced their cause by corrupting education and the news media.  The Koch brothers have funded academic positions in many universities and think tanks that are supportive of old energy and opposed to new energy sources.  Exxon has operated in a similar fashion.  Newsweek, for example, recently published an op-ed which was written by an author who did not disclose his relationship with his funding sources.  Their goal is rather simple.  They only need to plant the idea there is doubt within the scientific community about global warming and the potential for renewable energy sources.  They wrap this up with doubts about the ability of governments to make intelligent decisions about new sources of energy and by painting governments as opponents of free enterprise.

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