Friday, October 2, 2015

What Do GOP Tax Plans Have In Common?

Paul Krugman explains why all of the GOP presidential candidates, who have bothered to announce a tax policy, sound alike.  Frankly, they have been the same since Reagan.  They all cut taxes, primarily for the wealthy, and the tax cuts reduce government revenue.  They sell this to the public by giving ordinary folks a small tax break, and they claim that government revenue will actually increase because the tax cuts will stimulate economic growth.  It makes sense for them to cut taxes primarily for those who fund their political campaigns, and they really don't care whether government tax revenues decline.  They prefer a smaller government anyway and the best way to shrink government is to reduce tax revenues.  When budget deficits occur they then have an opportunity to shrink the government programs that they don't like.  This includes spending on education and social welfare programs that don't matter to their rich friends.  They can usually find economists who defend their policies.  That is why the wealthy make tax deductible donations to conservative "think tanks" and why the media usually provide them with a platform to sprinkle the nonsense with star dust. 

One would think the public would get wise to this game but tax policies are covered with appeals to social values that inspire the less wealthy in the GOP base. Many believe that government is part of their problem because they promote "liberal" values that reward the wrong people and which undermine family values.

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