Friday, October 16, 2015

The Different Nations Within America

In theory the US is one nation.  On the other hand, our early settlers came from very different cultures and those cultural divisions differentiate each section of our nation from the others.  This article makes an effort to describe the various nations within America in relation to the cultures that they either inherited or developed as the nation expanded westward.  Its not surprising that we have difficulty finding political solutions to many of our problems.  Gun control is one of many examples.  Guns are a powerful part of the culture in several of our "nations".  The federal government does not have the power to change these cultures.  We have two political parties that struggle to build a coalition among these nations.  The Democratic Party lost the deep south, as Lyndon Johnson predicted after he passes the Civil Rights bill.  The Republican Party has captured the Dixiecrats in the deep south, but it risks losing some of its historical base in other parts of the country as it adapts to the cultural climates in other parts of the country. 

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