Saturday, October 31, 2015

David Brooks Votes For Marco Rubio

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are no longer viable candidates.  The only candidate left standing according to David Brooks is Marco Rubio.  We are told that Rubio is candidate of this century and not the last century like some of the other Republicans.  He also harvests ideas from conservative think tanks which are developing something that Brooks calls "Reform Conservatism".  Brooks has just packaged his favorite candidate.  He is a 21st Century, Reform Conservative, who like David Brooks, harvests the ideas incubated in conservative think tanks.  The American Enterprise Institute is one of the leading conservative think tanks.  If you are interested in Reform Conservatism you may want to find out more about the ideas and the staff at AEI.  The Heritage Foundation is another of the leading conservative think tanks. I have a hard time finding 21st century ideas at these sites.  Reform Conservatism seems to be pretty old hat to me.

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