Friday, March 18, 2016

A Post Mortem On The Demise Of The US Political System By David Brooks And Paul Krugman

David Brooks has built his career around  a conservative ideology that he believed to be best represented in the Republican Party.  He describes the monster that his Party is likely to nominate as its candidate for the presidency.  He is not happy with that result.  He takes solace in the fact that Trump may have sold himself to a segment of the GOP base, whose problems he had ignored,  but who is unlikely to win the general election.  He doesn't say much about how his political party paved the way for an immoral, and unprepared candidate, to contend for the presidency.

Paul Krugman strongly agrees with David Brooks' analysis of Donald Trump, but he looks at the Trump problem from another direction.  He offers his analysis of how the Republican Party made it possible for Trump to capture a large segment of its populist base. 

The comments that follow the articles from Brooks and Krugman are thoughtful and provocative. 

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