Monday, March 7, 2016

Trump, Rubio and Cruz Are Not Much Different On Issues

Mitt Romney claimed that Donald Trump was not a Republican.  He asked Republicans to vote for one of the other Republican candidates instead of Trump.  There is certainly a style difference between the candidates.  Trump's comments are more outlandish;  he does not mince words when he states his ideas.  The differences between the candidates diminishes however when you compare their positions on many important issues.  The debates have not been about policies; they have been primarily about the language they use to describe their positions on social issues upon which there is general agreement.  Trump is doing a better job of selling a similar product.  This article shows how similar they are on the issues that seem to matter to many Republicans.  The Debates between Clinton and Sanders have been primarily on economic issues which have been absent in the Republican debates. 

Trump's position on international trade is different from the general position of the GOP.  He has opposed international trade agreements.  He claims that he would do something about our trade deficit with China.  Romney attacked Trump's position on international trade.  Republicans are typically strong supporters of free trade.  However, Romney also claimed that China was not playing fairly on trade during his campaign against Obama.  He claimed that he would retaliate by imposing tariffs on imports from China.  Romney and Trump find it convenient to scapegoat China during election campaigns.

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