Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chris Christie Does A Poor Job During Trump's Victory Speech

The media are full of stories about the primary results.  The Donald wiped out his opponents in the deep South.  Ted Cruz is the only contender left standing.  He won Texas, which is his home state; he also won Oklahoma which borders Texas.  Marco Rubio, was the GOP's establishment choice after Jeb Bush's campaign failed, despite the enormous sums his campaign spent to advertise a product from the last decade.  Rubio did not win any of the  Southern states.  He will not easily recover from his performance.  That leaves the GOP establishment in a very bad position.  Ted Cruz is the only remaining contender who might be able to stop Trump.  However, Cruz is despised by most of his colleagues in the Senate and few believe that he could win a general election against Clinton.  The Republican Party is in a real bind.  They may nominate a presidential candidate who they cannot control.

It has been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Chris Christie,  the Governor of New Jersey, announced his support for Trump after he withdrew from the primary campaign.  He was selected to introduce the victorious Trump at his campaign headquarters in Florida.  Twitter has exploded with video images of Christie standing behind The Donald during his victory lap.  He does not look very happy.  In fact, he seems as conflicted about the result as do many regular Republicans.  A seed was planted in the GOP by the Tea Party.  Ted Cruz nurtured that seed, but Donald Trump has injected his own steroids into the plant and is happily feasting on the fruit.  The Koch brothers put up the funds, and the organization for the Tea Party but they are also unhappy about the result.  Revolutions do not always turn out as planned.  The GOP brand has been tarnished and pirated by an opportunist who preaches an extreme version of the Tea Party hymnal.  The electoral segment that it inspired prefers Trump's reading of the scriptures.  It remains to be seen whether Trump can expand that base in a general election.  The Clinton campaign will have lots of opportunities to exploit the attacks on Trump coming from within the Republican Party.

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